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The world is connecting at a logarithmic pace - at the expense of security. The "Cloud," Facebook social media, "free" applications and operating systems, are simultaneously beneficial and potentially deadly to business. A primary focus of HABCG is implementing secure IT solutions with active monitoring. If you are not sure where your packets and bytes are, we can help you.

Security and protection are not equivalent terms when it comes to information technology. Without meaningful monitoring and the ability to respond immediately and effectively when security systems are under duress, then most problems become forensic after action efforts. HABCG can assist you in actively protecting your business, reputation, and people.

90% of all businesses that suffer a catastrophic loss of data will go out of business within one year. HABCG consultants are experts in disaster recovery, archiving, business continuity solutions, and forensic restoration of information systems and data when calamity strikes. If your experts tell you “nothing can be done,” contact us, preferably before disaster strikes.